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Ok so tl;dr

  • some guy hacks icloud and gets tons of nude pics and vids of celebrities
  • posts it on anonymous image board 4chan
  • it spreads to imgur and reddit etc
  • feminists and sjw’s go crazy about rape culture and privacy rights and shit
  • meanwhile “lol whats the NSA and who is Snowden?”
  • anyway 4chan decides yet again to fuck with these retards with fake twitter hashtags because they were very successful in the past
  • convince women to post nude pics of themselves to twitter to stand in “solidarity” with Jennifer Lawrence and others who had their pics leaked
  • it works and women post pics of their tits and shit while people on 4chan laugh their asses off


  • Snowden:

    *leaks the scope and depth of the governments spying operation and flagrant violations of civil liberties*

  • Public:

    Who cares? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear!

  • Donald Sterling:

    *has his private conversation leaked without his consent*

  • Public:

    OMG that white racist needs to lose his team! Racists have no right to privacy, and anyone that disagrees is a bigot!

  • JLaw, et al.:

    *nudes get leaked*

  • Public:

    This is an outrage! Where is their right to privacy!?! As always, men are to blame for perpetuating this kind of misogyny.

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