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Anonymous asked:

The reason why people are trying to stop the zoe quinn drama is because neckbearded mras hacked her tumblr, twitter, and have been sending death threats to her and her family. All because a woman had sex. Slut shaming at its ugliest






1) Did you really just use the term neckbearded MRAs? One of the most attractive men I know has a neckbeard, and MRAs aren’t this homogenous group of evil males, so let’s not with all the straw.

2) Is that true? Can I get a source?  Because that’s terrible.  She doesn’t deserve death threats from people who don’t even know her.

3) Oh, please.  Don’t act like it’s “all because a woman had sex.” She not only cheated on her boyfriend, but did so with her married boss JUST to advance her career and to get reviews on (from what I understand was) a shitty game she made.


She ‘hacked’ her own account.  The way she went about it, having it look like multiple posters on the same account within seconds of one another, is impossible with Tumblr’s security system.

It was a false flag used to try and make herself look like the victim.  She has a history of this, having falsely accused Wizard-Chan of harassing her when they didn’t.

And the ‘hacked’ tumblr account provided false doxxing info.   She got caught and ended up rolling back her entire tumblr to before she ‘hacked’ it.  You can find the info in my blog under the Zoe Quinn tag.

She also told the woman whose husband she screwed that “it’s all the husband’s fault, he cheated on you, why are you angry at me”


She also doxxed, harassed and slandered somebody who was setting up a project to get women into game design.  She found it problematic and went on a campaign to destroy it.  What was this project you ask?

Women would submit an idea for a video game.  Then the public would vote.  The woman with the winning idea would be brought in to help make the game.  When the game is done and released, the girl who game up with the idea would get royalties for her intellectual property.  And then the profits of the game would be given to charity.

Yes, so problematic.  Too bad Zoe Quinn never told anyone why it was problematic.  She just loosed her fans on to it and said “Destroy it because I said so”.

Meanwhile, gaming media supported her.  And instead of supporting a not-for-profit concept, they said people should give Zoe Quinn money for her game jam.  A game jam with no start date, no clearly defined goals, no budget, no roster, no ANYTHING.  The only thing that the Game Jam had defined was that you should give Zoe Quinn your money.







the downside of liberals being so hatable is that you get conservatives and nationalists and shit following you simply because you talk shit about liberals. and then you can’t get them to go

I don’t mind conservatives, but I’m pretty sure I have some legitimate national socialists following me and they just… have no idea.



My gifs sometims attract…interesting people.

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